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At Living & Lifestyle Mobility we have many items to help assist you with daily living, which can enhance your lifestyle. Please see below an example of some of the products we have in stock:

  • Grabbers & Reachers
  • Sock, Tights & Stocking Aids
  • Shoehorns
  • Dining & Kitchen Aids, including Cups, Cutlery and Crockery
  • Can & Bottle Openers
  • Lightweight easy to use Kettles
  • Bath / Shower Mats
  • Long Handled Sponges / Lotion Applicators
  • Trolleys
  • Tap Turners
  • Plug Tugs
  • Lap Trays
  • Grab Rails
  • Key Turners / Key Safes
  • and much more ............

Pressure care

Cushion It


The Cushion-It can be used on either the seat or back of a chair and can improve the comfort of any seat, whether it be an office chair, armchair, car seat or wheelchair seat. The Cushion-It can also be placed over existing pressure-care cushions to improve the feel and effectiveness of the cushion.
The Cushion-It features adjustable Velcro straps that can be fastened underneath any seat or on any chair back to secure it in place.

Arm support protector

Arm support protector

Arm Support Protectors can also be used to prevent arms from slipping off chairs and wheelchairs, as the sheepskin yields to accommodate the arm, gently holding it in place.
Using adjustable Velcro straps, the Arm Support Protectors can be attached to any arm support quickly and easily.

pressure care boot

pressure care boot

Hook and Loop straps around the heel and across the bridge of the foot, allow the shoe to be opened fully and can be adjusted as required to accommodate any foot swelling through the day. The low profile rubber sole gives you the freedom to use the Pressure Care Boot both inside and out of the house.

sovereign snug

Sovereign Snug

The Sovereign Snug has a shorter wool pile
than or other footwear, which gives it a slimmer look and a reduced bulk. With
Velcro fastenings and a non-slip suede sole, the Sovereign Snug offers comfort
and support to the wearer and is ideal for use around the home or whilst

foot plate protector

Foot Plate Protector

Soften the unforgiving parts of any wheelchair.
Shear Comfort Foot Plate Protectors bring comfort and protection to otherwise unforgiving parts of the wheelchair. Elastic straps hold the sheep's wool pads in place, so you can enjoy extra protection and comfort in your wheelchair.
We now stock a footplate protector designed to fit over wheelchairs with a singular footplate, so you can enjoy Shear Comfort protectors whatever your style of wheelchair.
All Shear Comfort products are machine washable, and guaranteed against deterioration for up to 50 washes.

bed overlay

Bed overlay

Single 187x92cm White

Double 187x137cm White

Queen 150x200cm White

Fabric-backed medical sheep's wool, unique to Shear Comfort
XD1900 is medical sheep's wool unique to Shear Comfort, with a fibre density higher than even the very best natural sheepskins - which gives it superior pressure redistribution properties.
This is achieved by weaving natural wool to a fabric backing, and is not to be confused with artificial sheepskins created from synthetic ‘wool.’ We use natural wool, and treat it to ensure it can be repeatedly washed up to 80°C. Plus, because XD1900 has no leather backing, it can be washed with normal household detergent.

short slipper boot

short slipper boot

The Velcro strapping and tongue flap over the length of the upper part of the boots, ensures they are easy to put on and adjust throughout the day, providing adaptable security and comfort. But not incorporating a sole, the Short Slipper Boot moulds more easily to the foot, and allows the boot to be worn comfortably in bed.
The bony prominences of the ankle are one of the areas at greatest risk of tissue breakdown, and the boat design ensures this area is fully protected, providing comfort and increased protection when worn in bed, or with your feet up.
The natural properties of wool also help to keep feet warm, benefitting those of any age with poor circulation, and for many providing alleviation of the pain of arthritis.

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